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Rahul Kumar, CEO


Rahul has more than 11 years of investment banking and investment management experience. He has held senior management positions at leading international institutions for over 9 years, including Head of Investment Banking and CEO of Principal Investments at EGW PE Fund, an emerging markets investment bank. Rahul graduated in Master of Commerce from Delhi University and received a number of awards for his outstanding academic results. He is CFA Level 1 and is an active writer on blockchain topics.

Other Designated Members:


PM Chugh, Director, India Operations


Naveen Kapur, Chief Advisor


Kevin V. Curtis, CFO
Maynard A. Hebert, Head of Research

Bethany Wooten, Head of Due Diligence

Greg Chandler, Legal Counsel

Alexander Raap, Auditor (Americus CPA)


Rahul Kumar, CEO

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