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  1. The client approaches EGW Capital team with an STO / equity token offering or a direct exchange listing idea.

  2. The team conducts a background check on the client and its team to ensure an excellent track record before we begin working on the offering.

  3. If we move forward, the team conducts research on the client’s business to assess whether it will turnout to be an interesting opportunity for the markets and is it truly scalable.

  4. In case our research is positive, we begin with drafting the whitepaper and the marketing material like website, media communications etc. We charge our clients a monthly retainer other than the final fee.

  5. We approach investors with the prepared material to collect their interest. In case, investors show a negative response we either drop the client or help him to modify things as per the investors demands.

  6. With everything in place, we publicly announce the offering and help the client to interact with the investors and blockchain focused media groups.

  7. Post closure of the offering, we ensure an exchange listing. In case of a direct exchange listing, we help a client with marketing of token, market making and OTC trades to enhance liquidity.

  8. EGW receives 3-5% of total supply of the tokens and 2-3% of the cash mobilized from the investors.

  9. Upto 50% of the tokens we receive from the client are reserved for distribution to our EGW Capital holders (Symbol: EGWCAP).

  10. A record date is set and the tokens are distributed. Thus, our investors in EGWCAP receives liquid tokens in the form of regular dividends.

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Disclaimer: EGW Capital does not guarantee any dividends. The dividends are shared from our income. Hence, we cannot guarantee any dividend on our EGWCAP tokens.

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